What R U For Halloween?

I was the Incredible Bulk, I mean Hulk (On the 27th). I painted my body green. So what were/are you for halloween?

Casual trilamb (nerd, geek, dork). :smiley:

u know those guys from “SILENT HILL” with the gass masks?? well thats me today lol

It would be cool if someone dressed up as one of those grey children lol. I’d be scared. :eek:

I hang a paper around my neck that says:
A costume that took minimal effort…Priceless"

Im a mastercard ad


I had a lot of stupid ideas this year… Our staff party was supposed to be a Halloween costume party, and we were going to get the guy with a Batman tattoo to dress up as Batman. I was going to go as the Green Lantern and convince as many people as I could to dress up as random super heroes just to make fun of him. Bastards decided not to do the costume party thing though.

Also had an idea to go with a girl I work with and her daughter, dressed as a garbage can. It was my idea last year but didn’t quite work out.

But, now I’m just lazy, and I’ll dress up as myself. That’s scary enough.

Hah, i know how you feel jeeves.

I’m wearing an ugly mountain man mask. Should add a bit already done by my posted Halloween rules, candy jingle, and last year’s halloween comics.

I’m going to dress as my avatar next year :smiley:

Good luck making the costume, now if only I could find the genetic technology to become a Dragon for halloween breathing fire and roaring out the door where half the neighborhood would here me and send all the Trick-or-treaters into a frenzy:)

I’m gonna be some guy who hands out rocks instread of candy…
“but, these are rocks…”
“Oh, all right, since I like your costume, here’s an extra big one. In fact, take two.”
-insert sounds of glass breaking and me being pelted by rocks here-

Sounds like you live in The House That Gave Sucky Treats.:slight_smile:

lol, that was fun(a waste of 10 minutes, but fun)


Is anybody dressing up as super-wu-man today?

I am going to be a cave-man by special request of all the freshmen in my high-school.

Here is my costume. We took pictures at work :stuck_out_tongue: I have a cool job we all dressed up.


Here is the rest of the Art Department.


Ha, very nice…

Your going as BgDm? lol

I AM CORNHOLIO!!!.. eh wait… we don’t have halloween over here… ah well, doesn’t matter:P Btw… Enriq766, the blond girl next to the one standing in front of you is hot, tell her I said so, will ya :stuck_out_tongue: