What really happens when you hold the key down?


I have press key, and X dloc .1 and Z rloc .009.

I thought when I pressed the key, the thing would keep rolling on the z axis, and curve around in a circle.

It keeps moving around the circle, but the rolling stops, which I like, but wondered why?

I thought I would have to stop the tilt, an have it activate just once … but I dont have too, and that confuses my iti mind…:yes:

so can anyone explain please?

Thanks very much, its almost friday…

It’s difficult to visualize what’s going on without a .blend file. Could you pleas post one, so that people can help you more?

Any blend will do… just try it yourself and see what happens. Just use the default cube and add a keypress and the above actuator.

either add or remove the pulse mode.
Higher numbers will make longer delays .

Hmm, Im not using the pulse mode, lol… I just wondered how it works… I just think its odd that the object keeps rotating around the z axis, yet doesnt keep rotating around the x?

There is just one actuator with both in it. I just thought someone could explain it.:slight_smile:

Not having done anything like this before its all new to me. lol, like you cant tell?

I made my candy wagon when I first started but it doesnt need to tilt. LOL

I will go back and read the wiki again regarding pulse/no pulse etc and maybe understand it better. Thanks Mmph!

The cat stepped on my keyboard just now and now my font tilts, wonder if I need to let the cat make this game? lol he seems to get it…lololololol