What really kills Blender's Nurbs.

Ok, I am sure lots of people are going to say how stupid this is, but I believe that the biggest problem with Blender’s NURBS support is that texturing NURBS objects is near impossible. Only one texture is supported and no UV can be used (unless it is hidden somewhere.)

I never use NURBS, but perhaps you need to convert it to a mesh first? (Alt-C)


the Nurbana code might fix that when it’s fully implemented i hope.
anyone got an idea about the current status on that ?

 the Nurbana code might fix that when it's fully implemented i hope.

anyone got an idea about the current status on that ?
i’m pretty sure it’s dead. i’m not aware of any announcement to that effect, however i have been checking periodically on the status for a few years now and nothing has happened.

nurbana already is integrated. the original nurbana code was turned into a bunch of libraries, but until some intrepid volunteer coder builds an actual interface and tool set, the libraries will just sit there doing nothing.

not sure why the google summer of code project was approved in the first place, since no one has been able to use the end product.

edit: i mean no disrespect to the original coder in that last line. upon rereading it occurred to me that it might appear that way.

I guess everyone gets dissapointed when hearing that, even the people who dont like Nurbs in the first place.
Some work has been done… who knows, maybe one of the active Blender devs is willing to pick the code up after 2.50.

we can only hope :stuck_out_tongue:

there was some activity on it about a year and a half ago:

i should also point out that i am in no way qualified to give a statement on whether or not the project is dead since i am not involved with it. this is just a personal opinion.

Um…there was some work done earlier this month (last commit is here). Basically, a development branch was created, containing the Nurbana code, and some code to make Blender work with it. Nothing useable yet, as far as I know, but at least it’s something!

umm… actually, unless I’m much mistaken, nurbs support UV textures much better than poly’'s do. There’s always quads with nurbs. Look in the wiki, or google it. The real problem with blender’s nurbs is they’re really difficult to model, and there aren’t many resources on how to use them.

nurbs are evil!

NURBS and no UV? LOL

NURBS had UV mapping long before polygons had it.

try the “UV Orco” option on the curve/surface, then use Orco texture coordinates. you will be pleasantly surprised.
But this isn’t going to make blender nurbs magically cool. (it’ll just give you UVs)
PS- if you really can’t find an option that you think should be there, try one of the questions and answers forums first (or google, or the docs)- that way if you do end up posting on News and Chat, it’ll be more informative like (nurbs have very wierd way of UV mapping- for instance)

that is excellent news.

Nurbs has implicit UV. As far as I know, that means no stretching of texture and such.