What render engine does VSE use?

(Actually 2.93… set tag - can’t make it go away)

Looks like this question has been asked before… but I haven’t found an answer.

I just compared Cycles and Workbench. They render (apparently) the exact same result.

So, do Render settings have any effect in the VSE?

No they dont i think. VSE is rendered separate and only some settings can affect it like color management.

Not sure why this is even important…

Hence, my question.

Is it important, or not?

And, why can’t anybody seem to explain how it works and why it is or isn’t important?

The mystery deepens… :upside_down_face:

I wont look at the code to find that out… Would take me too long…

My guess its hardcoded that the vse uses the workbench for example and its independent from your choice.

Yeah, if I was that worried about it, I would just “find in files” using Notepad++… Anyway…

I was just hoping to hear other peoples thoughts on the subject. Thanks, 3DArtGuy, for yours!

Only if you use Scene strips(for referencing scenes with stuff in the 3d view editor).

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Obviously, VSE isn’t a rendererer at all: it is a “Video [Sequence] Editor.” Its job is to combine “video clips,” no matter what their sources might be.

Yes. And I just thought of something to try…

I use Scene strips for titles and TV News-type overlays - like the reporters name and location.

I just realized that they are set to Eevee, 32 samples. WOW! That’s way too much detail! No wonder they take so long to render… I always wondered why.

OK, well… Any other thoughts?

Thanks y’all. Cheers.