What render farm software is mango using?

I just watched Tony Mullen’s “making of” on the mango site, and I saw some unfamiliar software UIs, making me wonder what software mango was using?

My biggest interest is what was the render farm management software they were using. Is it the net render tools that come with blender? (I haven’t tried it yet, so sorry if this is an obvious question). I hope so, It would be awesome for mango to production test the software that’s included with blender. I know for Sintel, they rolled their own, and I don’t believe it ever saw the light of day outside of BI walls. Or did it? Regardless, it looks like a terrific farm manager!

I also saw some painting apps, and I saw DJV! I acutally use that one. A terrific image sequence viewer. I hope it’s development continues, but I read somewhere that it’s development has ceased. I hope I’m wrong there. :slight_smile:

Anyway, this is just a thread to discuss Mango’s choice of tools, especially the “little” ones that dont get discussed very much. I know they are putting Krita through it’s paces, which has put Krita FIRMLY on my radar for potential future use in my studio. What is mango’s plan for Krita overall? Will you guys be using for the whole texturing pipeline?

It looks like the farm manager is the same one they used for Sintel. It should be available somewhere on the Sintel SVN, I think?

It is custom made:


Some of the scripts they use can be found on the Sintel DVD.

Dang. I was hoping that their renderfarm manager would be something we could use for our own productions. I’m planning on putting blender’s built-in net render software through its paces soon. Does anyone have any experience with it? How production-tested is it?

I tested the render farm with the internal engine a little while back across a few computers, it worked surprisingly well and was pretty easy to setup. I simply used an Ethernet hub, and a KVM switch for when I wanted to quickly switch between machines, although it’s not really required once you have everything up and running the slaves are listening out for jobs.

I think for production it should be good enough.