What render file type for dvd?

So far, I’ve found raw .avi looks the best. I just made a raw .avi render with these specs:

561x288, 24bit, 25 fps, uncompressed, 2400 frames, 1min 30secs

The size of the file is just over 1GB. Without doing any math, with these settings, I don’t think I could fit a 10 minute animation on a DVD. I know entire movies with soundtracks fit on DVDs. So what settings are used? Are DVDs compressed data?

I’m pretty sure DVDs are compressed, with the level of compression varying with the amount of space available on the DVD (dual sided, dual layer, etc).

DVD is MPEG2 format. Resolution/framerate depend on whether you want NTSC or PAL.

Any other info you want you can probably pick up here: