What RenderFarm should I choose? (supporting Blender.)

…and how do I submit to them? Just set the .blend file to the right settings and email it?
I have about 320 frames each of which would take my old klunker (P3-700mhz) about 45 min. :-?

I’m not sure about a render farm, but if you would send me the .blend file I am interested how long it would take on my computer. (My computer isn’t the best for rendering really, I was just wondering though)

P4 3.2Ghz
512mb Ram (Yeah, I know…)
HyperThreading (Saves a little rendering time though not much)

I also have a crappy 900mhz computer right next to it and I might be able to split the job between them. Or I might not. I think I need more ram

Anyways would you mind showing me the .blend? My email is [email protected]

Thank you

Thanks, I may take you up on that. The .blend isn’t quite how I want it yet though, but it would be handy to give it to someone familiar with Blender anyhow…:slight_smile: