What Resource Do You Recommend for Learning Rigging?

I’m trying to learn rigging and am having a hard time finding good videos or text instructions. I’ve tried several Youtube videos, a Lynda.com video, and several books and websites and they generally suffer from the usual problems you find when non-trained technical communicators create educational materials. Can you recommend a particularly good resource? I’m on a tight budget so I’m looking for free or very cheap. Preferably something that uses the updated interface, although I’ll suffer through the older interface if it’s otherwise excellent. Don’t need “everything you ever wanted to know”-type of resource, as I’m just looking to be a good beginner-to-intermediate rigger. Thanks!

Humane Rigging is the go to Series. You can find it on you tube. There are several parts to it. Or, if you want you can subscribe to Blender Cloud for a month and download it.

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Thanks, stilltrying. I listened to the first video and I’m already concerned. :wink: He states that his philosophy is you don’t learn things well via step by step instructions–it’s better to hear the general concepts and then figure out the rest yourself. I think the opposite is true: you learn best by doing things and you learn how to do them via accurate and logical step by step progression through the subject matter. THEN, you use that foundation as a springboard to your own creativity. All of that said, it looks like an extensive course and I’m willing to give it a further look. Thanks again!

And it is if you plan to be proficient. Nathan is an amazing teacher. Give him a chance.

The best and most comprehensive rigging course/training that I have found is ’ The art of effective rigging in Blender 2.8" :

He has also a lot of free rigging stuff on his youtube channel.

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