What rigging tutorial to use?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been browsing for a good rigging tutorial. Since I know nothing about rigging I’m finding it difficult to know what tutorial is a good one to follow.

So I was wondering if those of you who are experienced in rigging would be willing to give me some insight.

My purpose for rigging is to pose relatively realistic human models for underlays which I can then use for character sketches and design.



What are you doing in the modeling section then?
Anyway, I’m far from an expert at rigging but you can search for Tob’s rigging tutorial on youtube for a leg and foot rig. Blender Cookie’s rigging an alien was very helpful for me.
Don’t depend TOO much on tutorials. They are damn helpful, but you need to understand what’s going on too so you can implement that knowledge into later projects and rig other things by yourself. Just sayin’ :smiley:
Happy blending,