What Runs on Wine

is there a site I can go to and see what programs will run on the Wine Emulator and what programs wont?

try here,



Does anyone know about these programs specifically. 3DS max, Bryce, Lightwave, Terragen, Zbrush?

you could have used the search function to find out at the link i gave,

zbrush no - http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=3724

youcan check the rest yourself…


You’ll have to try them for yourself. Regardless of what the Applications Database says (there’s a search button there, use it!), they might work differently or even not at all.

I think if i owned legitimate licenses for all those i’d not give a flying f–k about running stuff on linux with wine, windows XP is cheap in comparison to those apps, or am i missing something?:rolleyes:


yes you are missing something - running them on wine allows you to forgo windows - which means fewer systems to maintain. Also linux with wine can provide superior performance to windows for some apps.



Yep, I’m aware of forgoing windows, for the last six years ‘linux’ has been my OS of choice. I dumped windows long ago, i use wine for small apps like Crossroads, plant studio etc, but i’ve not yet found one single app that performs better on Linux with wine than it would on windows. Indigo is the only app that i’m experiencing satisfaction with under wine, every other app usually has screen redraw issues. So to think that any of those powerful commercial apps listed will do better under wine is madness and i don’t get the ‘less systems to maintain’ or do you mean wanting to run linux for whatever reason, with those apps why would you want to run linux? and not wanting the overhead of maintaining windows as well? Small overhead for a single user and if they’re a new linux user, windows is simple to maintain in comparison, unless they’re not going to stray from what packages are available through the distros package database.

Not even a windows build of blender runs correctly under wine.

This runs on Wine (you need Gimp):


You’ll end up needing some DLL files, but those are easy enough to get. Grab the Flaming Pear demos.

Also, dig around a bit other than just winehq (google is your friend)… There may be a way to get certain apps to work, that require modifying Wine code… I found one such hack for ArtRage2. With the hack, it still seems to work OK with other apps.

3ds max has a linux version, so dose lightwave…

Zbrush can be run under VMware and a virtual windows system (if you have lots of RAM)

Here are a few more i have found that work that are not on that list:

Texturemaker (free for non-comercial)
Soldat (free game)
make Human (…)
blender (native linux available)
wings3d(native linux available)
MAME32 (native linux available)