What`s up, doc?

Before I begin, I am not that familiar with forums, so if i mess up, please point it out so I do not mess up again.

Hi, all. I am The Blender. I may be new to forums, but I have used 3d rendering software ever sense the age of 6 (I am 14, btw) and then learned coding 2 months later as a way to make a profit (made 200 dollars:D). When I wanted to try using my modeling in my games, I looked at Blender. I have been using blender for two years, and am quite efficient at game logic and any programming except blender script and or python in any way. I also am a exceptional rigger and an almost proficient in modeling bodies and a semi-pro designer with graphic arts of any sort (spriting,uv mapping,logos,etc). I am glad to help anybody out who needs it. I hope to be of help

The Blender

Work samples?

Ahh, another 14 year old BGE user. :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forums! From your story, I think you’ll like the Game Engine and Discussion Forum. If you check out the Team Projects you could help people without having to make a project yourself. Good luck!


Thanks, glad to have another guy on the forum who is 14! As for work samples, here is one I made when I was 12, Every thing minus the sonic model is mine. I don’t really make things I like to just make engines. Also I have a demo for a game I am making for a time waster project called eyeswitch u can find my work or anything I complete for someone who I have not been asked to give a locked password for only his or her access.

Dont know if that last reply posted...if it did, is that the double post thingy I have read about? I am reading about forum basics so I dont get banned or something.