What settings would a broadcaster use?

What settings in the Render Panel would be used in Europe and The US on TV broadcasts on an HD and SD channel?



Here is an overview over the formats:

They are all available as presets in Blender.
For HD broadcasting I recommend using a H.264 compression with fairly high bitrate (about 20kBit/sec or higher). I’m not quite sure what to use in SD, but you have to take the PAL and NTSC differences into account (for Europe and the US) - so you’ll have to export two versions.

I hope this helps.
(and maybe you should export a png-sequence from Blender and convert in a specialised compression software).

Typically the broadcaster will transcode to their own codec. They have a streamlined server for on air integration that typically runs some old mpeg variant, this becomes a program stream that gets transcoded into delivery stream to the terrestrial tower or satellite uplink. So your are best off providing the best possible bitrate in potentially multiple codecs. Why? Because not everybody pays for the latest codec licenses.

It’s amazing how often we get files at work that we simply cannot read.

And I agree that Blender is really not the best at final delivery compression, but it mixes your audio, so theres that going for it :wink: