What should be improved

Hey guys

I’m working on this render, trying to make it look realistic, but I’m kinda stuck, don’t really know how to improve it. What looks weird for you? What fails to look realistic to you?

Should I add more variety to the leafs and/or grass?

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Pay attention to the scale of the house in relation with the environment, the house looks too small in comparison with the trees and the background. Try use different camera angles too, this migth help you to show the real scale of the house.

Background is just a HDRI, I’m certainly not leaving it like that
And you mean I should try to play with focal length to change the feeling of the scale? Or just different camera positions? (I’m recreating a real photo w the same angles and stuff)

Sorry, i meant the trees and the grass around the house by environment :grin: . The camera angle is great but some areas feels weird by comparason, like the door looks too small if you see the grass or the leafs. Try scale up the house a little more :wink:

I kinda agree, that’s what I had in mind, but on the other hand, grass could be tall, trees as well… idk, gonna try it out

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I think it’s strange because the trees in the front have leaves, and the background doesn’t.
Perhaps you must use the hdri for lightning but not see in the final render.

Tiles on the chimney look too small and windows look huge. The ground floor window seems to go all the way to floor :grin:

that’s exactly the way it is at the reference photo

I appreciate the efforts, keep up, and I agree on some of the suggestions. Your last comment, reminded me of the response by my teachers in Art School to me, when we would work from reference images. Unless it is a project requirement to be ‘slavishly’ stuck to the reference, then my teachers would always point out that 'if it doesn’t work in your image, I don’t care what the photo shows, it has to work in the image you create." If it causes questions by the viewer/critics, it is useful to remind myself of an area that ‘doesn’t work yet’ and needs further artistic attention and possible revision. Always challenging.
The door is too short, and by implication, the 2nd story windows are too low. In the scale noted, the door is the same height as the windows, rarely the occasion. Nice image, carry on.

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