What should be my next step with this?

Hi guys, I am attempting to model this dragon, I like how he has turned out so far, but I don’t know how I should go about the last details. The dragon is being made for the Unreal Engine 4, so there will be a retopology step in the future. I have 2 problems so far. I do not know how I should do the fur on his belly and tail. Should I use particle hair? How would that work when it came time for retopology? The second problem is the scales. I cannot find a method for putting scales on his skin that doesn’t look odd. I should mention that the model was sculpted with dyntopo, not sure if that’s relevant to a solution but thought it should be mentioned.

Here is the concept art that I was basing my design off, I didn’t try to make an exact copy, just the major ideas.

And here is the sculpt so far.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

EDIT: I apologize for the repost on the scale issue, I did not realize threads had to be approved by a moderator and assumed I simply didn’t submit the thread.