What should I add to this scene

I’m trying to make this scene more visually appealing or more interesting. What do you guys suggest?

Hi alexpensotti, did you considered to put more forniture inside the house? You have all them outside :smiley:

To me the grass looks a little unrealistic, which detracts from the remainder of the scene. It is too uniform in hue and perhaps an odd shade of green. For the rest, it may help to make the place look lived in. You could add a couple of planters, border shrubs, drain pipes, and put some wall decorations on the second floor, for example. Also, the flaming barbeque doesn’t stand out much; I only noticed it after perusing the image a bit.

I would try branched path tracing in the sampling tab, also the interior should have a glow from the lights. Add brighter lights and more area lights to achieve this, When setting up the area lights you want to bounce them of a surface, and give them a warmer tone. I would also add furniture on the inside and more shrubbery on the outside. Another thing is that the sky is to bright compared to the amount of light that is given of, darken the sky a little to make it more realistic. Another thing is you could set up spot lights around the house to illuminate the outside, because currently it is almost a silhouette.

For extra help on the lighting check out an old thread I started. It has lots of educated people on the subject of lighting at dusk.

Please private message me for more help and to update me on the progress :smiley:

a subject.

There isn’t really a focal point to this scene, is there?

Maybe add some warm lighting in the house or something.