What should I choose??

I cannot decide what to choose to buy for my PSP!!! Which do you think I should buy?

Is the Harry Potter one a movie or game? if it is a game don’t get it.
Game based on movies just about always suck (except for Star Wars)

I’ve played Star Wars Battlefront 2 on other consoles and enjoyed it, so I’d say get that :slight_smile:

If your having difficulty making a decision out of that selection then you don’t really want to spend your hard earned money.

What I suggest is keep your money till you find a game that you really want.

Thats a good point.

Don’t get Order of the Phoenix. It’s not as good as the others.

When I don’t really know what to buy but do want something knew I usually look for cheapass games that could be fun. That way it’s not a big loss if the game sucks and if it happens to be a good game it’s money well spent. I bought Medieval II: Total War last weekend for €10,- and I fucking love it.

Also, there is the option that OP really wants the stuff he listed but can’t make up his mind.

Star wars.
Nothing else.

Where in that poll is that ‘neither’ option? :wink:

Before you buy anything, a game a movie always look at trailers and stuff on the internet. I don’t know about the games you got there. They all seem to suck, expect pirates of the carribean 2. If it’s amovie it’s good, If I only could choose those threee I would choose Battlefront…

judging by your avatar and username, id say the best bet would be battlefront :wink:

Good luck with your choice!

Neither man.
Crisis Core or Monster Hunter Freedom 2