What should i do for a new project?

Well im sure many of you heard of the project apricot. I want to apply for it but unfortunately most of my work is in 3ds max, and i am affraid of it getting rejected and missing out on an oportunity to go to amsterdam and participate in such a great project.
I am sure i got moderate skills in 3d modeling so i do not want to burn away such a great chance. So i want to make a 3D scene that can illustrate my abilities as a 3d designer. Could someone point me to a picture/image of a scene that would look good in 3d. That would be really appreciated because im at a loss right now.

darn and i really wanted to go to amsterdam all my life i guess i should forget about it, it was too far fetched dream anyways :frowning:

transfur your 3dsmax work to blender, and re,render it;)

lol except .3ds import sucks monkey balls nad my work is hyper poly count. Its over 60 megs, its so dense max dont want to export it in .3ds format :frowning:

Ill just send what i have and its their problem to accept me or not. I shouldnt worrie so much about it.,

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