What should I do to have normal maps baked with propper gamma?

Object space too so could rebake object space to tangent one when necessary. Is there a simple rule?

Normal maps are data… and shouldn’t processed with image (picture) manipulation operations.

yeah, but I get baked image with wrong gamma regularly . Sometimes ok , sometimes wrong . I wonder maybe it’s in save image options. Should I uncheck “save as render” at least?

Are you talking about wrong gamma when looking at them or when saving them?

in both cases. I have sometimes look it ok in texture pane but with weird gamma transform applied when saved. And sometimes otherwise . I am totally lost. Should I set “Color managment” to pure linear /Raw or something? Or use exr only to save image ?

I formerly managed to re-bake object space to tangent space textures and now couldn’t figure out what’s wrong.

ps. Looks like setting color management to XYZ/RAW during the bake and checking in 32 bit in “new texture” solves everything. Evrything look dark but proper normal colors are saved .