What should i do?

ok so my brother, with all his wisdom, “updates” his computer every six months; so needless to say his room becomes a computer part graveyard many of his parts are scattered about haphazardly. i now have all of his “useless” parts now and can probably build three PCs running at 1GHz or more from intel to AMD, i just dont know what exactly to do with them.

he says theres some sort of problem with them but hes also the one who thought he burnt out his CPU/Motherboard. so im not quite sure i would be able to sell them. Plus i have this real hankering to create a [announcer voice] SUPERCOMPUTER [/voice] to do all of my rendering of video/blender

i guess the real question is would creating a renderfarm of sorts; be helpful or worth the trouble?
like i’ve read that beowulf clusters are good at doing a large problem but not so much at doing smal problems(3d), and it takes just as much time transfering it across the LAN than just rendering it on my PC. ive also found apps like dr queue, and i think someone is working on a plugin of somesorts.

btw i am beginning to use cinelerra and am using blender

any help with this would be greatly appreciated

you can never have too many computers :slight_smile:
even if you keep them stand alone, you can use one or more as render machines, so you never have to wait for that super quality render or animation to finish, if you don’t setup a nework you can transfer .blends onto media ie cd/dvd/floppy/slave drive/usb memory/ etc etc.

Sounds like they’d be usefull for a render farm. Even if Blender can’t yet really use it, Cinelarra can.

If you’re using cinelarra, you’re most likely using Linux, so I’d network them so you can store all the files on one machine using NFS. That way you can pass around .blends, and any machine that get’s it will be able to find any textures you’re using without having to pack them into the .blend (since the file path will be the same regardless of which machine gets the job.


Turning those pieces into a render farm would be a good idea, the more comps hooked up the less time you have to wait for rendering.

What makes you think that?

thats the reason i kinda started doubting it would actually be a good use of time. sometimes it doesnt quite work out like that. i was actually thinking of switching to linux just because of cinelerra. i havent yet found a free OpnSrc HD video editor for windows so its been tempting me soo much.
the only problem is i dont code; the only coding ive ever done is on my calculator and that was so i could save time on a math test. i’ve never used linux and i have only forum knowlege of clustering. but so far ive managed to get one computer running:

intel celeron 2ghz
on an ECS mobo P4VXASD2+

and i have an

AMD Duron (900MHz)
on an unknown moboard

and another duron at 1.2GHz
on an MSI K7N2 Deltabut i have no free ram it can use

i also dont know of what kind of prog to use to keep track ive been looking at Dr. Queue and i cant seem to DL Nittrox off of blender.org

any help wold be super fantastic