What should i upgrade to make renders faster?

I have an Intel Pentium 4 with 2400 Mhz (or 2.4 Ghz) capacity. I have 512 MB of RAM. I’ve read from somewhere that the RAM does not play any part in the speed of the renders, only the processor does. The processor of mine is fine, not too slow but still the render takes ages. I am thinking of upgrading any one of the components to ensure a faster render. I am confused as to what i should upgrade. My RAM is less but it does not affect the speed. My processor is average but still the render takes ages. :eek: Can somebody help?

It´s everything. To be blunt, your system is yesterdays scrap.

P4 is not fast, the boards are slow, the memory is not fast and you only have 512mb.

Major impact on rendertime has the CPU speed and amount of cores, the more the better.
Next is the memory. Your 512mb are not even enough to house a modern OS, so everything has to be cached on disk. For raytracing in 1080p, 4GB+.
Of course those components have to communicate and that’s where a good mainboard, with a stable bus and a good chipset comes into account.

My recommendation: Upgrade = Waste of money. Buy a new system. For Budget? AMD Phenom x4 or Phenom x6

If you are stuck with your system try simplifying your scene.

One of the biggest slowdowns I run into in Blender is soft shadows. Turn them off. Only use one light with shadow turned on. For all other lights in your scene, turn off shadows. Turn off glossy reflections. If you really don’t need reflections, turn them off as well. If your scene is an animation, consider turning off anti-alias and use vector blur instead.

If you can upgrade, I think Arexma’s suggestion is good. I have an AMD Phenom X4 and it works fine. Also, certain X6 styles can be used as direct replacements for X4s if the motherboard bios will support it.

thanks for your replies. :eyebrowlift2: