What should I use?

I am on a mission to create a sprite based 2D-side scroller. I am curious as to what I should learn in order to accomplish my goal. Currently I am thinking of learning C++, but I want to know if you can make a full-blown commercial quality game with it. I understand that it will be a LOT of hard work, I just need some pointers as to where to get started!
Any links, suggestions, or advice would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Actually it’s not a matter of the programming language to make “a full-blown commercial quality” game - it’s a matter of skill. :wink: So I would rather suggest to do it in the language you are most familiar with. If you want to use C or C++ take a look at http://www.libsdl.org/ - it’s a multiplatform media library original by Lokigames. There are also bindings to other languages (for example: Python http://www.pygame.org/) - take a look at the SDL site to see what languages are supported.

Thanks for the info, but I was looking more for a “Begining C++” tutorial that is concentrated mainly on game devolopment. I have been searching on Google for quite some time now and can’t find a good beginers tutorial.

A beginner C++ tute will never be concentrated on game development. C++ is way to complex to start directly with graphics or sound programming. Perhaps you should learn C++ first and if you have some skill in it then learn how to prog a game. Or try a language that is easier to learn.

Its possible that you might find a sprite game engine out there that fits your needs. I know that there are quite a few. It may be possible that all you will have to do is a little scripting.


There should be at least the engine of “Abuse” out there. It is scripted in Lisp IIRC

Can anyone post links to a good side scrolling engine?

That’s the link to the free Abuse engine (and game):



That is an excellent tut. I am also a newbie C++ programmer and this is the best game tutorial i have seen.