What should my planned plotless film be called?

I’ve got this cool idea for a community feature film. It’s going to be about nothing at all; rather, it will have not one story, but many short stories made by different people in the community. For more information, go to this thread: https://blenderartists.org/viewtopic.php?t=6189

I have no clue of what it should be called. Yes, it should be based on the plot, but there’s no plot. So, here’s a poll on what to call it!

Dedicated to all people who can afford the big apps like maya etc. it should be called :

Eat the rich II

; )

Mmmm… rich people!

Yeah, but we’d try to hide the fact that this thing is cheap so people don’t judge it on that. I voted on my own poll (“Setup,” a similar title to “Head,” where neither have nothing to do with the ideas in the film).


enough about these anthology things! maybe you should focus more on making it than naming it. wait until you’ve got something before you name it.

this will be your:
1,393,572 th

Valarking: Did you read the original post? The idea is to make a contest where everyone makes one short, everyone votes, then we scramble all but the 5 best (or 10 or 3 or whatever) throughout the film. The whatever-number best are saved for last. PS: It won’t be my 1,393,572nd (it’s supposed to be “nd” after 2, not “th”) project, it will only be my 17,576th… or (counts) third that I’ve announced.

Wait… “AP1538,” “Blender The Musical,” and whatever… Yeah, third.

You ought to know what this would feel like. Have you ever watched first-season “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” episodes (not sure about the other seasons)? Kind of like that, except no central theme (i.e. comedy, sci-fi, musical, etc.).

plotless film


wait why not call it plotless film??? :stuck_out_tongue:

It sounds like a perfectly good idea.
But not very many people will contribute. Just warning you.

Sienfield - the animated series :):D:P


First, you misspelled “Seinfeld.” Second, it’s not a series, it’s a feature film. Third, it’s going to be more about nothing than “Seinfeld” ever could be.

I’ll be ready for such a thing. Unless only two people submit.

Actually, the idea is to get more people in the community to do shorts for real, rather than just planning to. And if they want, they can submit up to three.

Hmm… that’s probably the best idea I’ve heard all day! I’ll add it!