What should the parent of an IK pole vector be?

What should the parent of an IK pole vector be? if its the root of the armature, then moving the arm causes its pole angle to distort as its position changes relative to the pole. if its anywhere in the ik chain then it causes it to spin like mad. so what am i supposed to parent a pole vector to?

ps if any blender devs read this, please for the love of default cube re make the pole vector system. its by far the most broken thing in blender

Generally, parent to the root. Yes, when you use a pole target, that is one more bone that you need to animate. You need to move the pole target to the appropriate position for what you’re doing.

You definitely never parent the pole target to any bones involved in the IK chain.

Note that you may not want a pole target. You don’t have to have one. A non-deforming parent of the first bone in the IK chain can be used just as easily-- more easily-- to point the elbow. Based on your issues, I’d recommend trying trying that out and seeing if it works more like how you want to animate.

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