What side effects did you get from the vaccine?

Which one did you get? Was it first or second? What was the severity and/or length? (mild/moderate/severe)

I got the Moderna today.

Arm soreness : Moderate
Hand tingly : Mild to Moderate
Fatigue : Mild to Moderate
Headache : Moderate (head felt like it was under pressure)
Nausea : very Mild

Also Moderna, I was exhausted in the early evening, and possibly some chills. And arm soreness if you want to count that, but getting jabbed with any needle would probably do that.

I got Pfizer (just first dose so far, need to wait another 12 days before I can get the second one). First day my arm was really sore, and I was pretty lethargic and had some brain fog. My skin also felt kinda sensitive/tingly, which usually happens to me when I have a cold. I woke up the next morning feeling basically fine aside from some arm soreness when I stretched or rubbed the muscle. That faded away over the next 2 days, and by T+72hrs, I had no remaining side effects. …unless you count the arm hairs I ripped out pulling off the band-aid.

Got the first Moderna… no side effects other than arm soreness. I’ll check back when I get the second shot (Friday, April 30).

Pfizer. No side effects

Two of my relatives received the AstraZeneca vaccine. They had the same symptoms as when they get the flu vaccine every year. That is to say, one of them a little fever and the other a small annoyance in the area of the vaccine application.

I received my 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine 5 days ago. For both shots, all I experienced was a couple days of soreness in my arm centered around the injection site.

To paraphrase YAFU above, it’s not any worse than the flu vaccine.

Moderna: dizziness

It does seem to be worse than a flu vaccine for most people, just nowhere near badly enough to make skipping it a sensible choice. On a scale from “regular flu vaccine” to “actually getting sick with Covid” it’s right by “flu vaccine,” but if we’re going to compare the the two directly, people should prepare for the possibility they might get hit with fatigue or even flu-like symptoms worse than a regular flu vaccine, and it’s not abnormal but for some it might be bad enough they need to take the next day off work.

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Got the second Moderna shot on Friday (Apr 30th). Felt fine all day with, ofc, arm soreness. Saturday: felt like I had the flu or a bad cold; tiredness, joint soreness, headache. Sunday: Feeling much better with a little bit of fatigue.

Pfizer, mild arm soreness the second day.