What sociopathic jerks are DoS-ing Blender.org -- Let's GET EM!!!

who, where? Let’s get 'em back!!
total jerks!! who would do that!!! :mad:

Whoa there, no need to turn this into a declaration of war and get revenge (which may only encourage them to attack Blender-related domains anyway).

Last thing Ton, the devs. and the forum staff here want to see is users engaging in a back and forth slugfest with the hackers, no matter how unlikable they may seem.

fair nuf … posting out of frustration and irritation. i mean, WHY would anyone bother to DoS blender.org. just makes me sad and mad.
consider me venting and joking … i wouldn’t know how to “get 'em back” anyhow.
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nobody DoS’d blender.org, they were DoSing the DNS that blender.org uses (As well as probably thousands of other domains).

ah. this thread should prolly be closed.