What software do people use to make a movie?

I was wondering what software people are using to add titles and mix avi sequences like those I make in blender with moving/fading text and to put the whole thing together. I recently used (Don’t blast me for this)movie maker 2. What other options could I have used?

You can do it all with Blender!!!
Using it’s sequence editor…
Here’s a tute that walks you through the basics of combining multiple clips as well as alpha masking & adding text. It seemed a bit daunting to a total noob @ first, but was well worth the effort.


I use Blender to create .mov and then mix the sound with Sony Vega Movie studio.

On the expensive side, Final Cut Pro is very flexible, especially for working with sound clips and sound effects layered into the video. It’s got way more horsepower than you need for putting in fades, titles and mixing avi clips, though. So, if Movie Maker 2 does the job, use it. No flames here.

The Blender sequence editor will do all the video effects you want, but doesn’t do audio mixing well, however, you can use the Audacity mixer to do the sound mixing. It’s harder to play with the mix this way, so it helps to have really good story boards or an animatic.

Virtual Dub if free and works great

Works great for combining video and sound, or converting formats, but can you actually edit clips with it? I don’t recall it having that capability.

yeah, you can add text, transition effections, change resolution, add/mix/change sound, you can do a whole lot with it other than changing formats.

edit: err, what do you mean edit clips?

Similar to Blender’s sequence editor, where you can put one video clip on one track, another on a second track, move the clips back and forth, add a third track, do fades or crosses between tracks…
I used Virtual Dub a couple of years ago for reformatting avi’s, and I don’t recall it having those kind of editing capabilities. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking Virtual Dub, I think it’s great software, I just wasn’t aware it could take half a dozen video clips, half a dozen audio clips, and a couple of sound effect clips, and assemble them into a finished video.

Sony Vegas (Full Version) or Sony Vegas Movie Studio (Lite version of Sony Vegas) all the way.

jahshaka might work, but i haven’t gotten it to work well on WinXP yet.


It’s a bit on the costly side, but I use Adobe Premiere Pro. It will do anything I ever want and then a bit more too. Plus the integration with Photoshop comes in very handy at times.

I happen to use Final Cut on a Macintosh … although I’ll be very quick to point out that Blender’s own sequence-editor does a great job for many things.

That’s the great thing: you have a choice.

Yeah, Final Cut Pro on an Apple for me, too. That’s what I use to make all my shorts. (live action)

My 3D talents haven’t reached the point where I can make a movie, but Blender’s sequence editor is great, really. Infinite tracks of video, audio, or still frames, plus effects and compositing with 3D effects all in one situation. Not bad. Not bad at all.