What software do you think made these games? CarnEvil/Madwave Motion Theater

This has been bugging me for a while, but there are several older games from the late 90’s I think or early 2000’s that have a very specific look to them that I really like. One is the Madwave Motion Theater, and the other is CarnEvil.

There were other games I think around the same time that had a very similar style, but these are the only two I can remember.

If I had to guess, it looks like scanline rendering, but the lighting/atmosphere is really nice. Perhaps it’s 3D Studio Max, or Maya? Any thoughts. My real question is how would you go about reproducing this look in blender?


It’s just good lighting/texturing. Keep in mind we are talking about a game of the year 1999. (source: System 16)

Very true… The pre-rendered scenes do look very similar though. I suppose with so much focus on realism in rendering lately, that really good artistic looks stand out differently from the past - if that makes sense?