What software does the Blender Manual use?

hi all;

This is a qiick question; I want to develop a manual for some of my workpieces for the present and down the line that I’ll host online, but the closest I could find was phpmyfaq which is okay, but it’s designed for FAQ’s and not for multi-paged instructions and information which is what I’m intending to use it for.

I do have enough knowledge of HTML, CSS (and even PHP) to create my own basic stuff, but for the immediate future I’d prefer to just use a premade CMS if one is available.

I like the basic design of the Blender manual which is why I’m interesed in using the same source if it’s available.

Does Blender use a prebuilt software for their online manual, or did they develop it internally?

Quick peek at the source and I’m guessing it’s Read the Docs - https://readthedocs.org/


Beautiful, thank you!

Seems strangely overly complicated to set up, but I’ll delve further into it. Thanks for your help

You’re very welcome! Good luck! :slight_smile:

Yeah, readthedocs is what they use and if I’m not mistaken the docs might be generated with sphinx?


If your needs are basic enough though you might want to consider a light weight wiki instead. Both have their pros and cons. Wikis are better if you just want to edit the documentation pages through the browser.

Meanwhile the readthedocs is better if you want to use git for version control and update the documentation locally then upload, with the added benefit that you could use sphinx to generate the docs.

Yeah, I was looking at MediaWiki as the best potential alternative. It seems to have most of the things I’m looking for except for the view of ‘chapters’ on the left which is a bit of a pain but if needs must is something I could work around. It’s also the only thing I’ve managed to get running smoothly on localhost for testing so far.

Thanks for the insights Felix_Kutt! They’re appreciated