What Software is Good for hand-drawn image of a character‘s movement for animation?


I was just wondering if there is any good softwares for hand-drawn characters and their movements on paper to be scanned into and make an animation.

I would like to have something other than Adobe Animate, Krita, and other programs that do what I want to make.

Is OpenToonz a good open-source software for what I want? Or is there anything else to make a 2D hand-drawn animation?

I know hand-drawn animation is time consuming, but I thought of giving it a try and scan the movements I have drawn into a software from which I can color the images and give sound effects to.

Anyone who can recommend some softwares for this? Thanks.

Arguably OpenToonz is one of the best (commercial and free/open source) 2d animation applications for a paper-based workflow which you describe.

It comes with specialized tools to scan paper drawings, clean them up, convert to vector (or toonz raster frames, a special bitmap type of which the colours can be changed later), then colour them, create scenes, add special effects with the nodal compositor.

OpenToonz is used quite a bit in Japanese animation studios to support paper-based animation workflows.

I would argue it is on par or perhaps even better than Toonboom Harmony for this type of work.

There used to be a Harlequin paper traditional workbook available… I still have a copy, which I attached. Harlequin used to be the commercial version of OpenToonz, and while the GUI has changed somewhat, the workbook should still prove to be helpful. The site where these could be downloaded is currently down (gone forever?), however.


Alright, so OpenToonz is my best bet with this traditional workflow for animation.

Now I have an excuse to try it better than Blender (which is far too complicated for me to learn the basics of animation).

All I need to have is some tutorials on those things you explained it can do. Such as adding effects and creating scenes is the two things I would like to learn the most for 2D animation.

Thanks. I’ll try it out in the next few days and draw some images on paper before scanning them into the program.

If you need industry standard, then Toon Boom. If you need OpenSource solution, then OpenToonz.

Depends on where you look: Studio Ghibli used (still uses?) Toonz in their workflow. Doesn’t come more “industry standard” than that.

Granted, Toonboom is the standard in most studios.

By traditional, do you mean, drawing on paper and using this as the basis for your animations or using a workflow to draw traditionally using the stylus? Grease Pencil is getting better, it’s integration with Blender workflow, strokes in 3D space for example, is improving and it looks like the line renderers are getting some love. Khara is looking to replace most of their in-house software with Blender, after the completion of Evangelion, and were attracted to the software because the utility and pen based workflow of Grease Pencil and the possibility of providing tools and creating a pool of new artists without the issues of proprietary licensing. Many of the advanced tools in the Harmony suite, which was used to animate one of my favourite characters, the house in Howl’s Moving Castle, should be easily replicable in Blender…