What Spatial Data Structures use Blender??

I just have a question:
What Spatial Data Structures use BGE??

I think you got it backwards, BGE can use several spatial data structures. Including KD trees, quad trees, octrees, etc. But they don’t work out of the box, you still have to program them for your own use.

So, Blender don’t need use some Spatial Data Structures to optimize the scene?I red Spatial Data Structures is to access to the scene’s objects in a better or quick way. I’m wrong?

As far as I know, Blender (the Bullet physics engine in particular) does use spatial data structures to speed up calculations for collisions. Unfortunately, they aren’t exposed to the Python API in any way, so you’ll have to make your own for now.

Bullet used dynamic bounding volume trees. The BGE doesn’t actually have it’s own spatial data structure (scene graph operations are linear). However, if the “Occlusion Culling” option is selected in the World properties (it’s enabled by default), then the view frustum culling attempts to make use of Bullet’s data structures to accelerate the culling, which can be quite a bit faster.

Is there any way to access a objects camera distance? I had thought that the addition of LOD would expose the property, but it should also be a feature of camera futurism?

There is no python “handle” for either correct? To be able to get a value?

I don’t want or need to implement a new Spatial Data Structures for Blender. I just ask if it use them, and I have my answer. Thnx to all and, for me this post es Solved.

And i thought, that using bullet occlusion culling is inefficient. I would say, that a custom system should be written, that would be separated from the bullet one.