What SSD for installing windows?


I’m looking into buying a solid state drive to just put windows on and I’m not sure which size to get… Would 32gb be big enough? Or would I need 64gb?

According the Microsoft windows 7 64bit only uses 20gb… But I’m thinking I should have plenty more for updates and all that right?


Installing only the OS on the SSD and moving the programs and the swap elsewhere would be stupid. All you´d gain would be a fast bootup, starting programs and swapping memory would be slow as always.

You need around 80-100 GB for W7 and various tools you install, maybe dualboot with Linux. If you want the pagefile on it too, 100-120 GB.

Oh and speeding boot time is so stupid… You really think if I was separating my os from my file by putting it on it’s own ssd i wouldnt know what the benefits were? I just didn’t know how big I’d need cause Microsoft says windows is 20gb but that didn’t sopund right…

Thank you for your help

Hi. I have Windows 7 64 bit with all updates plus about 20-30 programs. None of the programs are big. If I check how much space Program Files and Program Files (X86) take, its about 2.5GB. Windows folder takes up about 19GB. I would get 64GB just to be on the safe side. I have been looking into this one for a while now. It seems to get good reviews from almost every owner.

I was actually looking at that one… now that the prices are starting to go down (not much but it’s cheaper than they used to be) I’ve been wanting to do it