What tablet do you suggest?

Hi, I’ve been doing 2d work alot longer than 3d but i’ve never gotten around to buying a tablet to be able to do 2d on the computer so the question is, which tablets do you prefer and what should I buy?

I draw mostly pencil and charcoal and am on a limited budget.

edit: i probably can’t go much over $150 (US dollars)

i use Aiptek, it’s not perfect, but very cheap. it doesn’t measure the slope of the pen, but has a good resolution and pressure depth

You can’t go wrong with a Wacom. They are not cheap, but they are the best, and within your budget.


like pildanovak i got aiptek. granted it’s not perfect and doesn’t support tilting or anything else besides pressure. but it does the job for me. lately i’ve gotten problems with huge delays of it registering the pen on the surface and “activating” it. works after that unless you keep the pen away from the surface for more than few seconds, then it’s once again the wait-patiently-while-it-registers-the-pen-on-the-tablet. worked for a year perfectly, now the buttons don’t work either, hehe. might be a battery issue since i haven’t changed them in a while.

to the point: aiptek 12000u (a4-size, wow) hyperpen goes for around 80-90euros and might be a good choice if you cant afford wacom and don’t do professional work with it (which is still possible of course). bewarned that some of the tablets don’t even work properly, i had to switch once to get a working tablet. people have had same problems when i read the forums. dunno how the quality is nowadays since they got new brands.

wacom graphire is the cheap home-use wacom and is affordable (replaced the penpartner i think, which i had ages ago), but they’re sizes are usually small.

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edit: if i ever can afford a wacom cintiq, drools over keyboard

I got aiptek 12000u myself too and before it I had Wacom’s cheapest Volito line tablet. In comparison I like aiptek better because of the size.

-at least as good, or even a bit better than Wacom’s cheapest line.

-Stylus needs batteries
-mouse, that came along whit it was piece of crap, though Wacom Volito had this same issue.
-some minor driver issues under XP.

As I said, I’ve had some slight issues whit drivers: from time to time it may occur, that the screen cordination switches off and sense of pressure does the same. But usually they turn back on after a couple seconds of doodeling.

aiptek shakes the mouse (pen) cursor …
it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever bought

now I have smaller Volito (A6). the same price (bit lower), better quality

but it’s your choice, if size is the ONLY thing you’re interested in

i haven’t experienced any shaking on my a4 aiptek, at either 1024x768 nor 1280x1024. might be problem with the tablet. like i said they have faulty ones.
the precision is important of course, wacom is better on that. this aiptek is only a little more precise than the old penpartner a6. you see that easily when you slowly draw a line diagonally with a ruler. cames out jaggy. but for fast motion it’s not that noticeable.

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I got the Wacom Graphire4 4X5 last Friday, and I have to say I love it. A friend has an Aiptek and I almost did not buy a tablet after using it. I am not saying Aiptek is bad just that I did not like it, it may have been the fact it was like 10’’+ big so it was like painting on a canvas, the pen was a lot hard to hold to. I went ahead and got the Wacom and I am glad I did.

great choice, man, im using a graphire4 also, exept the 6x8 version

Intuos3 6x8.

If can’t afford it get a 6x8 Graphire. Whatever you do, don’t get anything but a Wacom. You won’t regret it.

Ditto on both of those. I have an Intuos2 6x8 and you can tell a difference between the cheaper Graphires. I don’t know if it’s the size or the series, but the smaller graphires have a lower position resolution, so much so that they’ll skip every other pixel on screen. But even with that it’s way better than a mouse, and you can still do amazing work.

Get a Graphire. The Intuos series has more pressure sensitivity resolution, position resolution, and it detects the tilt of your stylus, but those don’t show up much in your work. If you have a little more money, get the Intuos3 6x8. You won’t need anything more until you have a great carreer and enough money for a Wacom Cintiq (by the way, has anybody used one of these?).

I have the smallest size Intuos2 tablet. Honestly, while there are other cheaper tablets out there, Wacom really is the only game in town. They may be a bit pricier than the competition but you get what you pay for, their tablets are solidly build and will take a lot of abuse, plus they are more precise in tracking the pen.

I just got a graphire3 4X5 for about $36 US online. It is coming in the mail soon:) I figured after reading posts like this I had better get a graphire. I read that the difference between graphire 3 and 4 is just a button or two more on the stylus…eh, a couple buttons isn’t worth another 50 bucks in my opinion. I also read that unless you are using dual monitors there really isn’t that much difference between a 4X5 and a 6X8.