What technique for this model?

Hello everyone,

As you might notice, I’m pretty new to the forums but I have used Blender for a while. Peeking around the forums made me see some excellent artwork, which has triggered my will to create even more impressive artwork.

But first to a little issue I have; I have this reference image I am trying to work off. Looks like this: (image is thumbnail)

And I’m wondering what technique I should use to get maximum detail out possible. If you can give me any tips what to do while I’m modeling, please post these too.

I finished the head of the reference image but I’m not sure if it’s well enough detailed. If you believe it is not, could you give me some indications on how to improve it? Thanks a lot.

I am working on a modle kind of like yours (I am also using a sketch), it also happens to be my very first project in Blender, and I did run into the problem that you have.
One thing I have to keap in mind is that I want to animate it so it can’t be too complicated, I don’t know if that is an issue for you.
I think what would work for you is to use different methods at once.
Also, you can’t see everything on the sketh so you will have to make somethings up and change somethings to create a better work flow.
What you got right now looks good to me, but I am new to this, I think you should just keap extracting from the point that you stoped. Do one side and then mirror it after you done, so that you don’t have to do double the work.

I see some problems with the reference image, besides not matching in height, the side view looks orthagonal (good) but the front view appears perspective (not so good.) You can scale up the front view to the correct height, but don’t expect good matches.

As to modeling, either extrude a tube or cube to the entire length of the critter, then use the loop cut tool to cut in edges to push around, or extrude section by section, shaping as you go. Either will work. As soon as you have a rough shape of the legs, torso and head, cut a loop right down the middle, delete one half, and mirror the remaining half. Ignore the assymetry until you have the symmetrical parts modeled.

Regarding your image: to get better advice, post wires in front and side, orthagonal, not perspective renders at 3/4 view. It’s tough to give specific advice when we can’t see the mesh you are working on.