What texture resolution to use

I am using gimp to creat some textures. There are different resolutions one can use. 512512, 256256, 1024*1024 etc.

  1. How do I know which one to use and when to used it.
  2. why are they in multiples of 256
    3 what is the ideal resoultion
    Thnx in advance
  1. if u want high resolution renders then u use hires textures for beter quality.
  2. i think it is easier to controll a squear texture. you dont have to bother while using theme and deforming them.
  3. well if you could make 2-3 sizes of each texture it is best because you can use each size related to your scene. I think biger textures need more time to render (not sure)
  1. Use your judgement. It really depends on where it appears in the scene…

  2. ‘power of 2’ textures is the ideal texture resolution because modern graphics cards are best at rendering square POW2 textures. If you use something like 1280x1024, Blender will resize it to 2048x2048 anyways. HOWEVER, THIS ONLY APPLIED TO THE BLENDER GAME ENGINE! You can use any resolution image as texture if you are not planning to make a game. However, it is still good practice to make all your textures POW2 of square in size.

  3. I would go with the highest possible, high resolution textures don’t slow down the rendering process much but they do add a lot of detail.

Um, they certainly do slow the rendering process down marginally in the time taken to load and unload them from disk, but if you don’t have the RAM to fit them in they can cause swapping and send your render times through the roof. These problems we were having were due to large amounts of memory used, in no small part due to large textures: http://orange.blender.org/blog/stupid-memory-problems/

A good guideline is to make the texture double the size it will appear on screen. This gives it enough information for all the interpolation and warping when it’s moving, scaling, or deforming on the model, so it doesn’t get pixellated or blurry. For example, if you’re rendering to PAL (720x576) and the largest area the texture will occupy on screen is taking up 1/2 of the frame on one side, then the texture will be about 360 x 576 pixels on screen. Doubling that gives you around 720 x 1156 pixels for the actual texture size.