What the Heck Do All These Settings Do? A Full Cycles Materials Tutorial

I’ve made a big Cycles Tutorial series:


Part 1

Part 2

These are the permanant links.

nice tutorial this should help me a lot. many thanks

Hi can someone point me to a download link for Blender 2.58 x86 which includes Cycles Materials please. Also will Cycles Materials be the new shader for blender 2.58 & up ?

You have to get it from graphicall.org

Thanks! I’ll make those corrections right now. And how did you get the bump mapping to work? And why do you have Anti-Alaising off? You don’t like the font either I guess?

I gave 3 links for bump mapping, there are blend files and node setup pictures! :slight_smile:

No antialiasing for small fonts is a must for me, I can’t stand those blurry fonts, gives me headaches. Actually I add my own font when I compile Blender, turn AA off, voila, I’m happy.

I love AA for bigger fonts though.

You add your own font? How? And for me, I keep Anti-Alaising on 'cause I think that pixelated jagged letters are even more of an eyesore than the tiny cramped font.

For now, you can only add a custom font when you compile Blender on your own. Do you do that? If so, I’ll try to find the thread with instructions.

Funny how people find non-AA fonts pixelated at normal reading size. Maybe it’s because of monitors, I still use a CRT Trinitron. Or maybe you just have much yourger eyes than me that you can see the pixels, I wouldn’t be surprised. :slight_smile:

For me my font just looks crisp and nice. But you need a good font for that, I’m using good old Arial. A lot of other fonts I checked only look good when smoothed and very crappy with AA off.

Is it possible to compile blender for a different OS? There was a new Cycles Build just released, but it’s just for Ubuntu.

In principle, yes, it’s called cross compilation. There’s even a setup for Blender’s compile system to build for Windows under Linux, but I guess it isn’t maintained anymore. I tried once to compile Blender regular for Windows under Linux, but couldn’t get it to work.

Hey OL77, thanks for the tut. The very issues I’ve been scratching my head about lately.
I have a question: I’m doing a space scene in Cycles (I hope) and I’m not really sure what setting to use when putting the starfield texture on the World background. In BI, simply used a huge sphere and mapped the space background material to that. So I could do that again now, the huge sphere is still there. But what setting do I use to map it with? The cam has to move around a lot in this scene, and right now at the “equator” of the big “universe” sphere, there is a tall smear of stars, whereas everything “north” and “south” of the “equator” is mapped correctly (at least in certain mapping settings.) Camera setting just causes the stars to stand still while everything in front of the background moves (which is like being on acid.) I would have used UV and UV unwrapped the space background on the “universe” sphere, but I don’t see how you can use UV unwrapping in Cycles yet, as all those sorts of functions don’t seem to be in the program yet…
and, of course, being a Cycles nOOB, I could be completely wrong about all this.
But I do want to use Cycles for this scene. I just did my first Cycles animation and I’m completely hooked now. I don’t just want to spin my wheels waiting for Cycles to be completed. If I could figure out this space texturing question, I think I’d be good to go!
Thank you!

Oh boy. Okay, well then. Nothing like a question that one can answer themselves!
Well, I’m off to the races then! No one will get me out of Cycles now!