What the heck happened to my webpage?

Yesterday I finished a nice new render that I wanted to post here for critique. Everything went as usual. I uploaded the images to my server and went to preview them online. But when I tried to open the page, I got the error saying, “Not Found. The URL blah blah doesn’t exist.”

At first I thought I typed in the URL wrong. But I retyped and still got the same error. I then tried to re-upload the files to the server. Still got the error. I then decided to dive a little deaper in and try to figure out what was wrong.

What really made me wonder was when I started deleting files from the server and they were still visible online. How the hell does that work? I would delete an image but it could still be downloaded and viewed online. It seams that for some reason, I can no longer make changes to my webpage at all. It is as if I am uploading the files to the wrong server (which I am not).

I can understand if it is a server issue. But if it was, I shouldn’t be able to view my page at all. My server has had issues before were it will go offline occasionally. But this has never happened to me before.

Anyone know what might be causing this and what the problem is? This is really odd and I need to get it fixed. I may have to end up using a different webhost (I currently use web.com).

Here is an example of what I mean about still being able to see files that I deleted.


You should not be able to view that image as it is not on my server anymore. But somehow I can still see it even after I refresh the page. :o

It could be that your server has went down. And the one on the web is the backup server.

I would phone up web.com and ask what is happening.

It could be something at there end, like there upgrading servers or something and your server is the lucky one or unlucky one getting upgraded.

A few weeks ago they did some sort of server migration. But everything supposedly went OK. The accout succesfully migrated. I tried to call them but something is up with their phone service. I can’t tell if I am on hold. They don’t have any music playing.

Do you use a web-based file manager, ftp or windows explorer?

How do you delete the files?

I use smartFTP and delete the files by selecting and deleting them. It worked fine in the past.

I emailed the Techsupport and I think someone is going to take care of it. I will let you know how it goes.