What the heck? HDRI spidering. Weird effect...

This is an odd result…I’m testing out HDRI… and out pops this. This is just an icosphere, level two subsurf…what happened?


Don’t know, but looks awesome.

Can you put up a .blend? This is probably going to be a toughie to troubleshoot.

Heh. I’m glad you like it, but I wish I could get it to go away.

Here is the .blend and the probe I used:


I think someone else had similar trouble when they modelled a ship:


sweet that looks cool let me see … looks like someone peeled the skin off the bones (wires and material) nice chrome too

What’s HDRI?

I opened your blend, and had a play and found that if I changed to Method = Full in yafray Gl, and cache and photons, when I rendered it was normal, then I went back to skydome as the method and it rendered normal as well! :o


Look at the link I gave, I think there was a bug in the Windows version of yafray. This makes it render ok on other platforms but does the wireframe thing on Windows. I think older versions of yafray might be ok though. It was to do with using area lights.


I checked the blend file and figured out that It’s not a hdri lighting in there. There is no GI. You have to set the “gi method” and “quality”

I did set the GI method and quality. I don’t know what it was at when I saved it though.

I’m on OS X, so I don’t know about a windows only problem. I am using an area light. Hm. I wiped my hard drive the other day, and now I’m having to wrestle with getting YafRay to work at all again…

Yafray is becoming a major pain in the butt IMO for trying to get it to work. I don’t really understand why it is so important to match blender and yafray versions together.

Maybe you could try switching to using aqsis and blenderman. At least then, the output and renderer are both following the Renderman standard which doesn’t change much. Blender output is trying to match yafray’s constantly developing format and it’s causing a lot of problems.

Aqsis has better features than yafray anyhow.

It’s odd that you get that effect on Mac OS X because I used 0.0.7 and Blender 2.34 and rendered the image the other guy had problems with just fine. I was using the 0.0.7 pre-release though.

As was mentioned in the link to the thread posted by osxrules, the wireframe effect was caused by a bug in the yafray arealight code. This is now fixed, but you will have to compile yafray yourself if you really need arealights and can do that, otherwise you will have to wait until a new release.