what the heck? help!

i have no idea whats going on but after i tried to do some logic bricks and pressed play then escape my model is acting very wierd. there is a dotted halo around his head, when i try to change his z-axis it instead scales him but not in the normal way i guess you could say its scaling its z-axis as in its all shrinking inwards the arms and going into the body and out the other side. and it also gets deformed after i exit play mode heres a pic:
hopefully knows whats happening because i sure dont

I am just a new blender user myself, and having not done much in the GE
but I do kknow if you dont apply size and rotation to pretty much every thing before you animate, or in this case use the game engine, you get un expected results

just a thought, and if you haven’t done this yet, it might just fix the problem

good luck

thanks fo the reply i tried that but it didnt work