What The Heck Is It? And How Can I Improve???

Hey guys! I’m doing a 3d Printing Challenge, and I made this:

It started out as a bear… But now I think it’s a pig… I need help giving it shape, size, and maybe, if I’m lucky, realism XD Anyways, any help is appreciated! :o
I do have a Graphics tablet btw, but I think it’s broke, cause it’s point density (I think that’s what they call it :spin:) is not working :frowning: And yes, I’ve unlocked them in Blender :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah well right now it looks more like a pig but you could definetely still change that. Take a close look at reference fotos and anatomy of a bear.

What tablet do you have? its really weird that pressure sensitivity isn’t working

[QUOTE=’[hris;2744514’]yeah well right now it looks more like a pig but you could definetely still change that. Take a close look at reference fotos and anatomy of a bear.

What tablet do you have? its really weird that pressure sensitivity isn’t working[/QUOTE]

I think I may go with a pig… Don’t know though XP

A monoprice… But it’s my pen that’s broke :frowning:

it looks like a pig, because it has hooves and a long snout. bears have hands with claws, well sort of like hands, and the head is round at the skull, and squarish at the snout, if you make an adult bear. if you make a baby bear snout is also round, like an extra small ball attached to the big ball of the head… yes, look at bear fotos, as already suggested. you will be amazed how much this helps :slight_smile:

I already use reference images, and bear anatomy, but I find, if someone tells me how to tweak it, I do far better than finding out for myself…

So what should I do with it, in your opinion? :eyebrowlift2:

ok, here you go, i drew over your image to make more clear, i hope that is ok with you.
first make him the correct feet by extending your “hooves” forward and flatten them a bit. this gives rough shape of feet, now you can add the toes and claws… then for the head, decide if it should be a small bear cub or an adult. i suggest changes for adult bear. make head smaller, and rounder at the back more boxy at the snout. to get this cut deep where the arrow is, then shape. do changes as indicated on the image.
important is then, after that, as a second step, to lengthen your bear body somewhat. this will correct the porportions. then you should have the basic forms of a bear that reads as bear.

if you intend a bear cub, then make the head smaller than you have, but some larger than i drew. make the humb on back smaller than i drew and omit the lengthening…

Wow, thanks! :smiley: Would you like to draw over these instead though?? :smiley:

ah joey, …ok, since you asked so nicely :wink: i hope this helps you out

Okay! :smiley: Thanks a lot! :smiley: You’re a fine artist too! :smiley: I’ll get to work on these ASAP! :smiley:

Thank you sooooo Much Doris!!! I restarted completely off of your sketch… And, well, here’s my result…

What do you all think? I personally think It’s 100% better :smiley: No, it’s not done… But it’s a heck of a good start! :smiley: For me anyhow! :smiley: Thanks again Doris! I owe it all to you! :smiley:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: yes, joey, this is definitely a bear! wonderful work you did, you give me big joy, thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks you so much! :smiley: And I’m glad! :smiley:

PS: Could you by chance give me some more critique? :slight_smile:

i thougt i would wait and see how you want create your bear, i mean now you have all possibilities open, with this good start, you got the shapes very well,how should your bear be?, maybe a cartoony bear? or a realistic one? see? i cannot advice when i do not know your goal. it is your bear, you know :wink: and i want only help you to really make the bear you wished for when you started the project,… but, i think you wanted work on the paws. the general form is nice, now they need made a little rounded at the borders that hit the floor. and, maybe toes? with claws? , and, the snout area, add a mouth, and nose, and round off just a little the front, where the corners are rather squarish… and, give him some eyes :slight_smile: do you want add fur later? and paint it? or do you want to try to sculpt the fur? if you wish more help, please tell me how you envision your bear. or ask specific questions, then i will gladly help you to reach your goal…

Thanks! :smiley: Um, I’m 3d printing the model, so any fur, would be sculpted :wink: And I want realism as well… :smiley: Thanks! :smiley:

ok, this sounds like big fun :slight_smile:

for printing your model you need check if there are no holes, so check if the tail end is closed, it looks like it is open…

so, your next steps would be to add the details i mentioned, like eyes, nose, mouth and feet. for feet look here to see how they look underneath (you can trace the outlines to get a drawing to put into your viewport, if you want that) and here to see how the claws attach. i would not make the claws too long and thin, since then in the printed model they easily break off. i would try to make them so they are on the foot and only very little “freefloating”…

this last image also shows you how the fur should go, and an even better image is this one. to sculpt the fur, you can use a texture i once made for creating fur, put it into the texture slot of the clay brush (the drawbrush does not work well for it) and set the stroke to “anchord” then click and pull and a fur patch occurs. try to make the directions as on the image shown… for sculpting the fur, your model needs be fairly highpoly,

on the otherhand, for printing the model should not be too highpoly. so you need to check with the printing service you want use, or with your own printer if you have one how many polygons you may use…

i am looking forward to see your bear develop. have fun :slight_smile:

I actually don’t want claws, for 2 reasons… 1, they’d be so small they may not print, and 2, if they did print, they’d be the size of the supports… And would easily break off. :frowning: Um As for fur, I’d love to model some… but it would have to be close to the skin, so that it could print properly. And is that black and white pic, a brush texture? :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smiley:

yes, good reasoning for the claws…and, yes, this is a brush texture you can use, if you like it. with this method you would get fur close to the skin, just try it, to see if you like it or not. if not we can discuss other methods for fur, ,

Okay… And I LOVE THE FUR!!! :smiley: OMGosh! It’s amazing! :smiley: I haven’t done too much yet, but will hopefully finish tomorrow…
Since that’s my deadline :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: please show me when you are finished!! and the printed bear too, if possible :slight_smile:

I won’t have the printed bear :frowning: But here’s the render result :wink:

I’m haveing trouble adding a solidify modifier though :frowning: It’s leaving a lot of artifacts :expressionless: