What the heck is meant by...

(ScottishPig) #1

native_blitbuffer: select error occurred

No mispellings, I just get that error in my console screen (or ‘dos box’ for you windows dudes) every 5 or so seconds, I would like to know if it is any cause for concern, or what it even is exactly… I only started getting this recently and would love to know what the hell it is…

–If any guru could help, it’s sae appreciated.


(pofo) #2

you forgot an ‘s’ in misspellings.

don’t know how to buffer a native blit though.

(theeth) #3

I also get random error like this, or “malloc something” and things like that. It doesn’t seem to affect Blender too much though, so I guess it’s just warnings or error handling :confused:

So, my advice would be, if it doesn’t do anything wrong other than that (memory trashing for example), just forget it.