What the Heck!?

I cant see the words circled in red even when i change thier titles and i dont know whats uphttp://www.geocities.com/a300600st/Manual-PartVIII-ShapeKeyActionEdit.png

I assume this screencap is from the tutorial and not your screen.

Resizing the action window will reveal the action sliders.


i donno what the heck is going on i tried resizing it


Do you have an ATI video card? If so search the forums for solutions to display problems (try adjusting / turning off / down hardware acceleration).

If not, then post the blend file to 4shared.com or savefile.com or some other site.


Um, maybe he should try creating a little animation such as a simple translation from one point to another to see if it shows up first.

That action editor only shows animations I believe.

weird… if i click on the grey arrow then click it again i can see the words until i change a slider or something like that. i swear it wasnt like that before but its still annoying. does anyone know whats going on?

2.41 used to do that with me if I had it in Textured Drawtype (potato mode) or if I had the UVImage Editor open. It’s got to do with Video Card settings or Drivers.


finally got it! I didn’t realize my graphics drivers were so out of date but its all fixed now!