What the hell am i doing wrong?

ok this is frustrating. :mad:

I have a trophy (silver looking) and i want to add a logo on it (with the logo’s normal map) because the logo should seem like it is carved on the trophy! :eyebrowlift:

but what i get is this weird result: :eek:

Could somebody help me out with that please?
Thank you

i have attached the blend file too.

untitled.blend (910 KB)

The strength of the normal map is too high. Reduce it to .2 or .3 something and it will be fine.

A better thing will be to use a black and white displacement map and plug it into the displacement socket.

great thanks!

Couple of things. Why are you using a custom node group when you can do it with the principled shader?

Your UV is clipping the top of the image(s).

Change the normal map to object space. You’ll probably need to reduce the strength.


Thanks! what is the difference between object space and tangent space? and when should we switch them?

the normal map IS in fact tangent space.

its the transparent areas around the logo that is bugging out the normals. you need to have any flat surface (0.5, 0.5, 1) in color.