What the hell is the blenderartists logo supposed to be?

It looks like a bunch of random amorphous shapes with gradients on them to me…and it’s distinctive, which I like. But, can’t it be distinctive and also look cool? Whoever owns the site should request a new one from the community.

My thoughts exactly.

well, the way I see it, it’s kind-of like the standard “Recycle” symbol, with three arrows, only they seem to be wrapped around a sphere… the one problem I see with it is that the orange arrow is orange, and the banner is also orange…not very visible :no:

anyway, as far as I know the new owners of the forums would be the CGCookie network - I think I saw a thread a while back asking what we (the community) would like to see upgraded in the forums, so maybe you could suggest a logo upgrade? :slight_smile:

it’s a graphic interpretation of an old symbol of hand with an eye in it. It’s cool because you can make the Blender gang sign with it!

uh, jay, that link doesn’t work :confused: it says BlenderNation doesn’t allow hotlinking to that particular resource…


Brrr… And there’s that “Your Damn IP is LoGGGGDDD…rrrr…” :eek:
If you copy/paste link picture is there :wink:

Oy, I was actually just looking for a bigger version of the logo as I can’t for the life of me remember where I put the original .blend files to it and stumbled upon this thread. The idea behind the logo were three arrows (you can only see the front most, orange one on the static logo) cut out of a sphere and which rotate around a common pivot (the sphere’s centre), signifying the “all around the world communication of blender artists”. Sounds cheezy, I know! :smiley:

Anyhow, it was made to work on the original blenderartists.org design, which was white, so, yeah, it doesn’t work on an orange one, at all. And the original was also animated, so in theory every now and then the GIF animation would kick in and the arrows would made a smooth, round loop around the (invisible) globe. And yeah, the amorphousness was part of the idea; in theory, any frame of the animation would have been usable as a logo if the owners so pleased.

Dunno if I have the files anywhere, but even so, recreating it and rendering it with a the new renderer would be much more fun anyhow… :slight_smile: