what the hell went wrong with my mouse?

Up until about 2 days ago, my mouse was working perfect. My pointer would glide smoothly across screen.

Then, as if out of nowhere when i started using my pc, the pointer jitters. it moves across screen fine, but it… i dunno it shakes along the path. it’s making using blender and clicking small buttons a HUGE pain in the ass. I haven’t come across any fixes on google yet, does anyone have any clue what’s gone wrong? I’ve tried window’s auto-driver update (search for drivers… your drivers are now up to date yadda yadda yadda)

I have a recent version of the microsoft/razer habu (i know it’s rumored to have tons of problems, but like i said, it was working perfectly for me before. hell, it was pretty much plug’n’play.)

and if it makes any difference, i’m on windows vista ultimate rc1 i believe.

LOL…that used to happen to me too.It just used to shake on the screen alone…well i just got a new one.If your mouse isn’t new its a good investment to buy a new one.

Got any other tablet/input device attached to the computer? Hair/fluff clogged in the mouse?


This really depends on whether the mouse is optical or not (I don’t feel like googling it). If it’s not optical, it should be easy to fix. Take the mouse ball out and scrape the dust off of the axis wheels. It gets packed extremely tight after a while- don’t mistake it for shredded plastic like I did. :yes:

I know nothing about fixing an optical mouse. When my optical broke I just bought a new one.

yeah she’s an optical mouse. i reeeeally don’t want to have to replace it. i’ve had it for just over the return period, and it was a bloody 50$ mouse. (it had the right weight and ergonomics. everything else makes my wrist hurt beyond the point of usability after 2 minutes.)

Have you tried cleaning the optical lens? That may help.

Another thing that might screw optical mouses over are reflective surfaces such as glass or glossy magazines, as it sends the signals straight back to the sensor and make movement erratic - you haven’t been trying to use a shiny mousemat have you?

blow into the part were the LED diode/ reciever is quite hard to get all little bits of dust and crap out. then try running a soft cloth over the LED/ reciever etc, then hold the mouse and just tap it gently, see if there any stuff stuck in there,

then try rubbing ya finger over the LED and see if it has the eratic bevahiour and try it again