What the world needs is another "switch" ad... ;)

Being a “Doctor Who” fan for a long, long time, I’ve been working on some Dalek models in Blender for a little while. Searching around for something to actually do with them has led to this interpretation of Apple’s exceptionally iconic ‘Switch’ advertisements (as applied to the “Doctor Who” universe).

For those not well-versed in “Doctor Who” lore, the actual ‘switch’ won’t make much sense, but I hope you can at least enjoy the effort anyway.

Left click to play movie, or right click and “Save Target As” to download it.

The address for the movie is http://users.rcn.com/odlin/dswitch.mpg and it is 6 Megs in size.

Technical details:

  • The modeling and rendering is 100% Blender.
  • The sound was me, Cool Edit 96 and an mp3 of the “Switch” ad music.
  • Mixing and editing was done using DDClip Free 2.23
  • Encoding of the final MPEG was done with TMPGEnc 2.512.52.161-Free (from a .8 Gig AVI RAW to a 6 Meg MPG!)

-Iain, off to his next project… Addicted? Me? :slight_smile:

PS: For those who do know their “Doctor Who” – Yes, I am aware the Dalek is missing the slats and grille around his upper collar. This is because this is my MkI Dalek model with some slight modifications and a ‘new paint job.’ I haven’t gotten around to completing my models of later Daleks yet, and I was – quite frankly – getting sick of modelling and wanted to do something else for a while. :wink:

Haha cool!

Thank you.

Glad to know it’s actually downloadable… I was beginning to wonder.

Was it something I said?


We didnt get the “switch”-ad in Norway, but man this was fun :smiley:

You should put in some references to other 3d software in it :slight_smile:

Thank you! I really appreciate it.

For those who have no idea what a ‘switch’ ad is, http://www.apple.com/switch will explain all you could ever need (or want) to know.

The short form is: Apple is trying to get people to ‘switch’ to Macs from PCs by showing how “average” people find Macs easier to use. The ads all have a highly stylized format (which I tried to be faithful to) involving a 12-frame fade from white, a white background, jump cuts with the camera at odd angles, the logo displayed for 48 frames, a declaration of who the person speaking is, and then a 12-frame fade to white, all with the same easily recognized little tune playing in the background.

And in America, just about every comedy show, Flash animator and bored kid has made a parody version of one because they’re so instantly recognizable. And I’m one of 'em… :wink:


WOW, can i promote this thing to some forum…lol…it is so cool…nicely done

Good job!! :smiley:

Please do! Just make sure my name (Iain Odlin) and my address ([email protected]) are associated with it if you upload the file somewhere. And thanks for the kind words.

-Iain, who supposes he could point out this was his first attempt at animation, too