What they left

Most people only remember the flag, but the astronauts left some other things.

This is my first project in a while and went through quite a few stages to get here. Thank you to everyone for the suggestions and feedback y’all gave.


A moon-in-one! Nice! On a good day, with the wind at my back, I can sometimes drive it a little over 200 yards… but I shoot for the moon every time. :wink:

Funny semi-related story: Years ago, me and my broski were golfing one windy day. All of the sudden, a gust hit us and my brand new Polo® hat was ripped from my head and the tip of my finger just barely touched it as I desperately tried to keep that filthy bitch Mother Nature from stealing my new favorite hat! Here is the thing… it did not merely flutter about or zig-zag around or cartwheel itself into the next fairway or anything like that… It shot directly straight into the sky at roughly a 45° angle like it was attached to a ballistic missile, until it became a dot, then simply faded away into the ether… I loved that hat for the couple days I owned it. I suspect it may actually be on The Moon…

As for feedback, it is perfect. I love it. Great job, and very clever.

I Like it! But a recommendation, the Earth should be a little blurry, you could put a bit of dust to the ball so it looks more realistic, and try matching the shadows of the Earth and the ball