What to add? - Old Underground (BFV Chapter 4)

Yes I know some materials look like diffuse shaders, please tell me what I could add and make better.

Hi Vernox,
I noticed 3 aspects, that I would address first.

  • some surface (like the bricks in the column or the pavement for the security line) look quite flat. Seems you don’t have bump/normal/displacement maps on them. The user Jollyjumper had a nice explanation how the tiles in the tunnel of his live action feature film were made: https://blenderartists.org/t/cg-effects-for-live-action-feature-film/1179800/69
  • the second thing that immediately came to my mind was, that the subway station is much too clean, which contradicts the title “old underground”. Please add wear and tear to all your objects in the scene. This would make it much more believable. Wear and tear would also break up the high regularities of your wall pattern.
  • You already have some larger waste lying around. Maybe you could add some more smaller stuff (e.g. chewing gum, cigarette stubs,…)
    Looking forward for your improvements. It’s already a good start.
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Some graffiti on the wall would be good idea .

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The first thing that strikes me about the image is that its very empty for a subway station. If you don’t want to add people and garbage to make it more lively that others suggest, perhaps you could instead reframe the scene to be an abandoned subway station or a post apocalyptic scene. You could make the lighting more atmospheric, add animals or just some moss or plant growth. There are multiple paths to take here but I would do one or the other, not both. Or maybe you can think of other ideas :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I am currently very short on time. Tomorrow will be easier and I will have time working on it.

Thank you. I think thats the path I am gonna take.

Omg. I didnt even think about that. Thank you very much.

Your tracks do not look terribly convincing. They barely stick up above the rocks. Here is a reference image for you, in Hamburg. (I’m assuming you are German) Always use reference images, if you aren’t already… my guess is no…

And regardless of how clean the station is, there will always be a at least some garbage (papers, cups, candy bar wrappers, cig butts, etc) down in the tracks. It is unavoidable. I’ve ridden more than a couple NYC subways, and although they try to keep them clear as possible to prevent track fires, a ton of stuff always ends up down around tracks in stations…


You are right. This really helps. Thank you

Most subway stations I’ve been in have ads or artwork on the walls. Adding some dilapidated posters might be an idea.

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A really good idea. thanks

What year is it supposed to be? Seems like there are some anachronisms like the yellow line and trash can.

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Somewhere between 1980 and 2000? I still cant decide.

Ok, then I think that’s the biggest problem, you haven’t decided when this is taking place. When you said old underground I thought maybe you were trying to recreate an early 20th century subway or something. Even in 1980 they didn’t have trashcans like that and probably would have just painted the warning yellow lines. If you’re going for 2000s then other things seem too old like the train itself, no electronic signs or exit signs, etc.

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UPDATE: I finally got the time now to rework all this. After following all your requests I came up with this:

I know the newspaper clips with the rocks, sorry the render took more than 6 hours, will fix this in the next one. I also just noticed the tiles go through the last window.

The next try will also include an update on the train to make it look more modern to match it with the 2000s style.
Is there too much gravity? more ads? What details for the ceiling? Make the train-track-wood higher?

here is the 4k version (was too big.): https://gofile.io/?c=82lIds

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Id agree with the person who said, weare and tear. Some dirt, dust and faded objects might help for realizim, maybe some paint pealing.
If you like the paint pealing idea, here is one approch. Stairs

I like the reflection or transparency in the windows, better then just a plan sky or nothing at all. Looking better and better, good luck.

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Subway stations are full of wires (think communications, power, radio), and the tunnels use signal lights for the conductors. There is also a space underneath the floor for people to escape to if they fall in.

I like the scene!

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