What to charge for my game?!


I’m not sure where to post this question so I put it directly here.
I’ve made a blendergame not so long ago (still not done yet).
Now I have a request from a company that wants to buy this game.

The company wants to use the game for promotion. I believe they are not ready to pay too much (like everybody).

I started working on this game in August and finished working on it in December. I was only working on it in my freetime.

Now my questions:
Can blender build a standalone exe so they don’t need to install blender?!
How much should I charge? I was thinking about 1000 - 1500 €. Is this too much? (I have no idea!)
Are there any rights-issues with blender (I hope not, it is open-source)

Thanks for your help!


Can blender build a standalone exe so they don’t need to install blender?!
Enable the save as Game Engine Runtime to enable export as an exe.

Are there any rights-issues with blender (I hope not, it is open-source)
This has been covered hundreds of times. Do a forum search so you understand what your obligations are regarding having to release your game source code and what you would need to do so you don’t have to.

Well it depends on the game, you could post some screen shots or a video so that we could see. and also 1000 euros is = to $ 1328.5506 us dollars so depending on if the company is in the U.S or not i would probably lower your price. Then again i could be wrong i might not be calculating it write. AKA “googling it right”

ya you can save the game as a exe you can even change the icon and you also can sell the game.

EDIT: sry i didnt see the post before mine.

Here is a videoclip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKuV6vUX6gc

OK, maybe 1000 is the maximum limit…

But the client is requesting to change things. I have to build a whole new level from references so this will be more work to consider. I still have to fix bugs and maybe in the end I need to pay an animator since I suck at animating.

Thanks so far for the responses!

A few things i would change would be the fonts of the text and also the posistions of the text and the color of the text. Also i would make the wakes in the water when your surfing to spread out faster becasue right now it almost looks like your carving a long ditch into the water. and also i would make the water maybe have waves and wash up onto the beach, and also maybe make the water transarent so that you can see a slight underwater terrain with rocks and such, and finally i would add shadows and better lighting and one big thing i would change the color of the sky cause right now it feels very dark and gloomy and it should be bright and sunny with blue skys.

I know this is a lot of stuff, but your client i think will be impressed and much more happy with it. Not saying what you have now is bad but it needs work i think, if your going to sell it.

Thanks a lot mrn! Advices like that is exactly what I need :slight_smile:

For sure I will have to change things, there’s still a lot to be done. I have a deadline until mid-july. I will consider what you said.

I would let them make an offer.
And consider to keep some rights, and you probably want to want to receive a fee for every X games sold.
if they do not make enough sales, then make sure to integrate an option to cancel your agreement and free yourself up to be able to do business with other parties.
Also think about potential next releases:
do you sell everything, or keep options open to renegotiate the next release (what if it is a huge success)?

I ain’t saying you have to, but I want to give you an opportunity to at least have information on before hand.