What to do first? Animation or Textures?

I’m just wondering, I’m assuming Textures so you can experiment with animating, and see if they animate well?

I like setting up my scene completely before animating anything, but there’s no rules about it. None whatsoever.

If it is a character that I am uv mapping I usually do the rigging and/or vertex keys first. I often find that the geometry may have to be tweaked to animate correctly which can wreck my uv map.


Most certainly rigging before texturing, but I usually like to have all my content done before I start animating. I’ll render a few still images to make sure my lighting and materials are good. Basically, I make sure it will look good before I start animating.

So, I’m guessing:

  1. Model everything
  2. Add armatures as needed
  3. Texture, testing armatures as you go
  4. Animate

BTW, on my kingdom hearts model, I’ve Modelled the traverse town mailbox (hat too) and litter bin. Next the wall between the bottom and middle levels.

Well, this is difficult, what I do is texture and do everthing, then take out details such as particles or something cpu consuming and put it onto a different layer. This way I can have a lag free work flow and once the animation is done I select both layers and render the final scene.

Make sure that something liek fur is parented to bone or you will have some trouble having the fur follow the body.

Basically try to keep detail to a minimum and put it on a different layer that way you can render and have a better workflow. Even background objects. Also on textures take away all the fancy raytracing or anything that slows rendering drastically.