What to do when Blender servers are down

As it may happen in this universe, servers can become unreachable. Tough luck, eh. Well, what to do when that happens to our beloved www.blender.org, www.blender3d.org, projects.blender.org, peach.blender.org, apricot.blender.org, wiki.blender.org, svn.blender.org and other servers. It sure is annoying, but it is easy to overcome the shock. Do make sure you have your lifelines ready at all times:

  • Essential Blender
  • Introduction to Character Animation With Blender
  • Mancandy FAQ
  • Elephants Dream DVD
  • The upcoming Big Buck Bunny DVD
  • The upcoming Apricot Open Game
  • And most importantly: A real life where you can 1) go out (walk, cycle, etc.) 2) meet real people 3) anything else that is constructive and contributing to the Greater Good.

What you should NOT do is shout on all other forums about connection problems :no: , it really looks perverse. I mean, you should get a real life. There’s more to it than just Blender :yes: .

Keep in mind that we have at all times people working on the servers. We’re almost always right on top of it (we might need to wake up first, but still). As of lately the "servers are down simply because of the huge amount of traffic.

As a general advice: make sure you don’t depend on blender.org, make sure you have an actual life. Go out for a while, the fresh air will do you good, the excercise too. Meet real people.

Once and for all, stop complaining about the sites (you look like weenies when you do), we’re always right on top of it." (quoted from an earlier message by me in another thread).

“So what to do?”, you ask again. Simple: do something else. If you didn’t get it yet, well, reread this message until you do (it is repeating itself quite many times).

/Nathan ‘rebooter’ Letwory

Get a real life? What nonsence is this?!

Or you could always download the entire contents of the blender servers to your hard drive… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I do. Download 'em. Every 15 minutes, just like clock work.

…that’s a joke of course.

When the Blender Servers are down, that’s when I really do Blendering.

You forgot the best kind of advice: get a girlfriend. She will definitely know what to do when the servers are down.

You can upgrade it to a wife as well, but some people might be against that, as it could be a risky and very dangerous operation.

Now you may say, what’s the difference between a girlfriend and a wife? Well, the former has other solutions than the wife, when the servers are offline. Sometimes for the good, sometimes bad. If you like shopping, go with the girlfriend.

Good luck to all of those to take this enormous step into the game called First Life ™. But remember, be careful: both a girlfriend or wife can suck away a lot of your available time when used inappropriately. You might want to practice with The Sims first. Use the pool simulations for best results.

Hmm goes into big blue room


As I remember the pool and SO’s in the Sims the pool is best used to kill off unwanted
peepul in order to get thier money, are you suggesting I kill my GF?

No sir, then you never have any time to blend. It’s all about the woman then!

Flurp has an idea:


Only if there’s any resemblance to Paris Hilton :ba:

Lies! All lies!

This proves once again that jesterKing are crazy!


This is a real piece of work. Stickied, and now a new member looking for alternative ways to access or download the wiki manual gets pointed to this sticky. Same with anyone who dares to question what is going on while sitting dead-in-the-water with their project (whatever that may be).

This is ******* brilliant. The management of BlenderArtists.org never ceases to amaze me. :rolleyes:

Use google cache if you are looking for content in the Blender.org wiki

I’m not having any luck with the google cache tries also…500 error.
This is the 2nd day in a row that I tried to access the manual on line, only to get a “500- Internal Error”.
I think I’m going to have to agree with LarryPhillips on this one!
The documentation for blender should be mirrored elsewhere,
if shutting the web site down to do updates every day is needed…just a thought.
Or give us a link to download the manual ALL at once…just another thought.

This isn’t normal ops (afaik). There is a problem and I’m sure they are onto it, however, I think everyone at the home office has their plates full (overflowing even) at this time, so we have to be patient.

If you have specific questions the community here is pretty quick to help. If you are wanting to read the manual you’ll have to grab what you can while the site is up. It hasn’t been staying down for long periods. Just lots of short ones. Keep trying.

My only beef is with this thread being made a sticky and members pointing people to it. Delete the condescending lecture and name-calling parts and I’d have no problem with it.

Thanks for the support Larry…just spent the last 1 and a half hours saving the manual…only up to “Materials”…I’ll get the rest later tonight.
There really needs to be a better way to download ALL or chunks of this manual!!! hehehe
As far as the questionable “attitudes” go…I tend to ignore…but I think it might put off some new users comming here for the first few times. And thats a shame…

Hm… the sticky does come off with a weird attitude… I do understand the frustration with 10 useless threads started about omf-it’s-down-we-all-gonna-die on a daily basis. But there are also people with legitimate impatience. That need access to some obscure only-to-be-found-in-the-wiki information to finish a project on time. Ya know… for their job and such other non-real-life things ;).

Ofcourse that doesn’t change the fact of the situation: that it’s unreachable. But finding this sticky, on an attempt to figure out some alternative route to take, doesn’t help at all. :wink:

  1. Press F5.
  2. If I get a 500 error, go back to to step 1.

Simple, quick, and gives me instant feedback.

get a real life ? you a hater ?